28 July – 1 August 2011
near Shrewsbury, Shropshire
More info: www.peacenewscamp.info
Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/pncamp
Twitter: pnsummercamp
Contact: peacenewscamp@googlemail.com or 0207 278 3344

Strands include:
– Cuts and Community Organising: Building Stronger Communities of Resistance
– People Power & Solidarity: Learning from Movements in the Middle East and Beyond
– Building Skills, Sharing Skills: Including nonviolence direct action training

Workshops include:

– Tim Street (UK Uncut) and Stop Kettling Our Kids (https://stopkettlingourkids.wordpress.com) on anti-cuts activism
– Anne-Marie O’Reilly (London Coalition Against Poverty) and Dave Morris (McLibel) on community organising
– Nonviolent Direct Action Training for anti-cuts / anti-arms trade etc… activists
– Ewa Jasiewicz (Free Gaza, organiser for Unite) on organising with migrant and non-migrant workers
– visionOntv on how to be a citizen TV reporter
– Author and activist Greg Muttitt (www.fuelonthefire.com) on oil and politics in occupied Iraq
– Red Pepper’s Alex Nunns (co-editor of new book “Tweets from Tahrir”) on the Egyptian uprising
– Susan Clarkson (Oxford Catholic Worker) on “Harry Potter and Resistance” 
– Guy Smallman (www.guysmallman.com) on Afghanistan
– Andrew Muncie (International Solidarity Movement) on “Nonviolence in Palestine”
– Milan Rai on “Chomsky’s Politics” and “Abolishing War”
– Penny Stone on “Singing for Social Change”
– John Stewart (Airport Watch / HACAN) on “How the Campaign to Stop the Third Runway at Heathrow was Won”
– Patrick Nicholson (Bicycology) on “Cars, Carbon and Capitalism”
– Artist Emily Johns (http://emilyjohns.org.uk) on “Conscious Oil” and “Drawing Paradise on the Axis of Evil”

PLUS:  People Power: The Game of Civil Resistance (www.peoplepowergame.com); Smash EDO (www.smashedo.org.uk); Seeds for Change (www.seedsforchange.org.uk); Rhizome (www.rhizome.coop); Campaign Against Arms Trade (www.caat.org.uk); Derek Wall (The Rise of the Green Left); Hicham Yezza (www.ceasefiremagazine.co.uk); and the UK Youth Climate Coalition (http://ukycc.org)

PLUS:  masculinity and militarism; nuclear weapons; abolishing war; DSEi 2011: resisting Britain’s biggest arms fair; participatory entertainment; food from the wonderful Veggies of Nottingham (www.veggies.org.uk); Howard Zinn’s “Emma: A Play in Two Acts about Emma Goldman, American Anarchist”; music from SEIZE THE DAY (www.seizetheday.org), TRACEY CURTIS (www.myspace.com/traceycurtis), the CARBON TOWN CRYER (http://www.myspace.com/carbontowncryer) and much more!

Join people from across the broad spectrum of the British peace movement and radical activism for five days of exploration, celebration and empowerment.


Protest in support of the Fortnum & Mason’s 145

9th May 2011 9am at City of Westminster Magistrates Court, 70 Horseferry Road

On 9th May at 9am protesters will be gathering outside the City of Westminster courts for the first hearings of the Fortnum & Mason’s occupiers. These activists are facing charges for aggravated trespass with the possibility of prison sentences. 

For more information.


Emergency Open meeting organised by Right to Protets

Emergency Open Meeting – stand up to these new attacks


Room 10-11-12, Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

With some introductions by

  • ALFIE MEADOWS – arrested protester
  • FORTNUM & MASONS OCCUPIER and defendant
  • NINA POWER– Senior Lecturer Roehampton University
  • LAURIE PENNY – Journalist
  • CHARLIE VEITCH – Love Police
  • JIM WOLFREYS – London Region UCU/Education Activist Network

Plus everyone invited to come and discuss what is happening and our collective response.

Click here for the event on facebook

“These raids and arrests are outrageously disproportionate and demonstrate the decline that has taken place in the protection of civil liberties in this country.. Those arrested must be defended and supported by us all”. JOHN McDONNELL MP

“This appears to be a worrying extension of police using powers pre-empively to stop people protesting. They claim to be independent and facilitate peaceful protest its difficult to see how they can justify those statements in light of what they are doing” MATT FOOT CAMPAIGNING LAWYER

A series of raids and “pre-emptive arrests” in the days leading up to the royal wedding represent a dangerous clampdown on our hard-won right to protest. A new campaign to Defend the Right to Protest aims to bring together opposition to this new wave of political police actions.

Squats have been raided by large teams of officers. Students including Alfie Meadows, arrested after the tuition fees protests, have had their bail hearings moved forward and been charged and banned from the City of Westminster. Activists have been arrested on the bizarre charge of “conspiracy to cause public nuisance and breach of the peace” for trying to organize street theatre on the day of the royal wedding.

This follows the kettling and police violence against student protests and the mass arrest of over 100 protesters who peacefully occupied Fortnum & Mason on March 26.

Politicians rightly condemn regimes in the Middle East that do not allow their citizens to speak out against their rulers (some of whom, including the royal families of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, are attending the royal wedding today). Yet the political policing that has preceded the royal wedding threatens to do the same in Britain, making it a crime to be a protestor on high profile state occasions. If this can happen for the royal wedding, how can we be confident that we will be allowed to protest at the opening of Parliament, the Tory Party conference or Chancellor Osborne’s budget announcement?

On Thursday 5 May speakers including Alfie Meadows, John McDonnell and one of the Fortnum & Mason occupiers will address a public meeting on the need to defend the right to protest. This is part of an ongoing Defend the Right to Protest campaign, supported by MPs, trade unionists, academics, student groups and others. The campaign is also organising a protest at the first hearing of Fortnum & Mason occupiers.


Brutal policing at the G20 Climate Camp on trail

Protest outside the courts before the G20 trials begin — Tuesday 22nd March 9-10am

After almost two years of work from the Climate Camp Legal Team and their
lawyers, the Judicial Review of the brutal policing at the G20 Climate
Camp in the City is going to happen on March 22-24 in the Royal Courts of
Justice on the Strand.
The case is the first, and most important, legal challenge to kettling
since the May Day 2001 challenge failed.

Its important to make sure that the judges and the public know that people are
still outraged by the police’s actions back in April 2009 and their
ongoing use of kettling to suppress freedom of expression on the streets
of London and elsewhere. There is going to be having a short protest outside
the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand on Tuesday 22 March from 9-10am
just before the hearing starts.

Bring a placard asking why you were kettled for hours or why you and your
friends were attacked and beaten by the police.

If watching people in wigs argue with complicated words is you thing, you
can come in and watch the hearing as well, subject to being searched etc.
Details of the Court number will be available from Climate Camp Legal Team
around 3 pm on 21 March.

See you in court!


Please put in newsletters.

Green and Black Cross Legal Support

07946 541511


Teach-in organised by Education Activist Network on 16th March 2011

We will be joint hosting a workshop with Defend the Right to Protest at the ‘Teach-in for Resistance’ conference. Please attend and share your experiences and suggestions to enable the campaign to progress.

March 16th 2011 doors open at 3.30, starts at 4pm

***4pm – LSE Underground – The fight for Education – Learning from Wisconsin***

Live video link-up with student and teacher from Wisconsin.
***5pm Workshops – KCL ***

• Defending the Right to Protest
Hosted by Stop Kettling Our Kids and Defend the Right to Protest – includes Alfie Meadows and a speaker from Liberty

• The role of social media in the movement
Panel debate with Laurie Penny (journalist), Richard Seymour (blogger) and Aaron Peters (UK Uncut)

• Defending Multiculturalism
Don’t let David Cameron divide us! With Liz Fekete, Institute for Race Relations and Martin Smith, Love Music Hate Racism

• Building Universities of International Solidarity
With speakers from the LSE occupation in solidarity with Libya and the campaign for BDS in support of Palestine.

*** 6:30pm Rally – KCL Lucas Theatre ***
March 26th – Building for our Day of Anger

With Fightback co-editor Guy Aitchinson, Egyptian revolution eyewitness Wassim Wagdy, activists from UCU and the Villiers School student strike and a special guest speaker to be announced.



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