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About Stop Kettling Our Kids!

This is a group for parents and supporters of children, students and young people who have protested about tuition fees and cuts to EMA. We are disgusted at the way they have been treated on the recent demonstrations. We feel that kettling young people without access to food, water and toilets for up to 10 hours is an infringement of their rights. The violence that has been used on the tens of thousands of protesters has been completely unacceptable. One young protester is in hospital. Our young people will not be intimidated from the streets and must be allowed to protest without fear of imprisonment or assault.

MPs, activists and trade unionists condemn new attacks

Release from Defend the Right to Protest: A series of raids and “pre-emptive arrests” in the days leading up to the royal wedding represent a dangerous clampdown on our hard-won right to protest. Squats have been raided by large teams … Continue reading

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Judge rules that the kettling and treatment of peaceful protesters was illegal

Yesterday’s ruling stating that the kettling and brutal treatment of climate campers by the police at the G20 demonstration was a fantastic result for protesters. The judge ruled that the police tactics were not only unjustified but that they were … Continue reading

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Get your MP to sign the EDM 1257

Here is an e-mail from local MP who agreed to sign the EDM on consituents behalf after being sent the below letter. Contact your MPs! 18 February 2011 Our ref: SD8186 Thank you for contacting me about EDM 1257, which … Continue reading

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29th January Protest

Fantastic to see so many people out on Saturday. Particularly good to see support from union members, parents and families. Although the police took a step back from the protest it is important for us to keep focused on the … Continue reading

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Our letter printed in the Guardian about kettling

Read the Guardian’s letters page in response to Sir Hugh Orde’s warning that police could use even more extreme tactics on protesters here, including a letter from Katy Clark MP. Below is the original letter which was also signed by … Continue reading

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Early Day Motion 1257 against the use of kettling

We support the house of parliament petition launched by Katy Clark MP as part of the campaign to ban kettling . We urge people to contact you local MP’s  to encourage them to sign the petition (officially called EDM 1257) on your behalf. … Continue reading

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