Get your MP to sign the EDM 1257

Here is an e-mail from local MP who agreed to sign the EDM on consituents behalf after being sent the below letter. Contact your MPs!

18 February 2011
Our ref: SD8186

Thank you for contacting me about EDM 1257, which expresses concern over the use of Kettling.

I have now signed the EDM and I have that this is of assistance to you. If there is anything further I can do on this or any other issue, please feel free to let me know.

Yours sincerely,
Rt Hon Joan Ruddock MP

—–Original Message—–
Sent: 06 February 2011 20:40
Subject: Letter from your constituent

 Sunday 6 February 2011

Dear Joan Ruddock,

I am writing with the intention to urge you to sign the EDM 1257 which
calls for the banning of ‘kettling’ as an infringement on protesters
democratic rights. Please read the EDM, launched by Katy Clark MP,

“Clark, Katy
That this House is concerned about the use of kettling as a police
tactic against demonstrators in the United Kingdom; expresses serious
concern that in recent demonstrations individuals, including minors,
have been indiscriminately kettled by police for up to nine hours
without food, appropriate facilities or access to medical assistance
for those who require it and have been refused the right to leave;
notes that a number of individuals have suffered very serious injuries,
such as bleeding to the brain, as a result of police action during
recent kettles; believes this kettling to be an infringement of the
fundamental right to peaceful protest; and calls on the Government to
take steps to stop this practice.”

I have personally been trapped in a ‘kettle’ and it is a frightening
experience. The nature of the ‘kettle’ ensures that the situation is
aggravated. The containment of people who are demonstrating about a
specific issue, to then be detained so that our freedom of movement restricted is
demeaning and infuriating. Let alone the fact that our rights are
violated. I believe that the tactic of ‘kettling’ is a horrific abuse
of our democratic rights to protest and free speech, the coercive
attempts to deter protesters surely should be something we bring into
serious scrutiny within Parliament.

I want to emphasis the importance of your signature on the EDM 1257,
showing agreement for the standard use of ‘kettling’ to be prohibited.
I feel that it is key that you as my local MP, demonstrate support for
young protesters whose educational opportunities are being diminished
under this austerity program. I was with a group of young people at the
9th December protest in London. All of us were ‘kettled’ as we
demonstrated our opposition to the increase in the tuition fees cap.

It is important that the debate around these protests is not only
focused on police tactics which is why I urge you to sign the EDM so
that we can progress from the brutal and extreme police tactics to
discuss the real issues: the cuts! The fact that there are members of
your local constituency who were victim to these police tactics only
acts as another incentive for you to sign the EDM 1257.

I await your signature and response,

Yours sincerely,


About Stop Kettling Our Kids!

This is a group for parents and supporters of children, students and young people who have protested about tuition fees and cuts to EMA. We are disgusted at the way they have been treated on the recent demonstrations. We feel that kettling young people without access to food, water and toilets for up to 10 hours is an infringement of their rights. The violence that has been used on the tens of thousands of protesters has been completely unacceptable. One young protester is in hospital. Our young people will not be intimidated from the streets and must be allowed to protest without fear of imprisonment or assault.
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